Start. Find your awesome a Book Review


book: Start punch fear in the face by Jon Acuff
Start. By Jon Acuff

Find your Awesome

This book Start by Jon Acuff is about punching fear in the face and finding your awesome.

It begins with a story about a woman he met on a plane. They were chatting about life and things, and she asked him “what do you do when all the excuses you used to not chase your dreams are gone? What do you do then?

At the time the author did not have an answer. This book is about just that. How many of us have dreams that we somehow never get around to working on? How many times have we avoided the work, talked ourselves out of doing what it takes, or got started and realized there were no shortcuts to our magnificent end we had planned for ourselves then we gave up?

Well if you have done any of those things and more this book is for you. If you have a dream, a desire, if you want to do work that matters and go from average to awesome, read this book.

It begins with looking at how in our 20’s we are learning about life and ourselves. At 30 we are editing, refining who we are and what we want to bring to our lives. Eliminating what doesn’t work and bringing more of what we want into our life. Forty brings mastering those things we love the most about love and life. Fifty is for harvesting and 60’s for guiding.

We no longer live or retire in the same fashion our parents or grandparents did. The working world has evolved, and many of us start our dream paths later in life. Different opportunities are available to us now that did not exist then and we must learn to think in a fashion that allows us to use the tools we have now to achieve what we desire.

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Big Truck Cooking eating better on the road.

Big Truck Eating

tortellini and red sauce

Big truck cooking is something we should all be doing. If you are an over the road truck driver then you know all too well having convenient access to any form of healthy food is somewhat of a challenge. Other than truck stops most places aren’t big truck friendly. I can’t say I blame some of them for the trash I have seen some drivers leave behind.

Unfortunately, 98 percent of the truck stops are full of fast food joints with Mcdonalds and Subway topping the list as the most frequent. It’s easy to just pop in for whatever is available when you stop at the end of a long day, but it is certainly not the best choice for your body.

I have been out here on the road for 2.5 years with hubby full time and it didn’t take me long to get sick of fast food. So much so that by days end I could literally lose my appetite knowing that was the only food options I had to choose from. Living on fast food is not ideal and the cost of prepared foods for several meals a day adds up. You can go broke eating out and truck stop food is usually overpriced.

We aren’t making a fortune out here as drivers, it’s simply a job and a lifestyle we love.

The real cost of eating on the road

Let me start off by saying the markup on items in a truck stop is ridiculous. A few weeks ago we were a day or two from a much need vacation and needed paper towels and wipes. No sense in going to a grocery store so we opted to buy it at the truck stop.  We are talking the cost of convenience. The price of one roll of a cheap brand of paper towels and a very small pack of wipes was 9.89, that’s just uncalled for.

You can expect that kind of markup clear across the board in most truck stops around the country. It would be easy to go broke if you limited your needs and food costs to truckstop shopping alone.

While there are some other fast food options like pizza and fried chicken you will soon find much of it can be dried out and not very tasty, there are a few exceptions but not many.

I have a love-hate relationship with those damn heat lamps designed to keep food warm. Those heat lamps also make the food hard. Nothing like thinking you picked up the best sandwich and get down the road a few miles to learn you have to chuck half of it out cause its rock hard. More wasted money.

There have been some instances where I felt not only unsatisfied with the food we ate but I almost wanted to ask for my money back for such poor quality food. So I turned to big truck cooking, not only doing it but the awesome group on the internet who inspires me every day with delicious foods cooked in big trucks all over the country.

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Road Therapy, why you need it.

Road Therapy may be the medicine you need.

Travel doesn’t have to be BIG to be effective

Road therapy is just a short ride away. Need a break, time to refresh and let the wind blow through your hair? Consider a short trip to small-town America.

Our lives keep us pretty busy. Work, home, kids, school, appointments and so much more. At the end of any day, we may just be worn out and wish we could get away. Many times we think travel means we have to plan big trips that cost money we may not have. We find ways to talk ourselves out of taking a small but much-needed break.

whats over the hillTravel doesn’t have to mean a costly day out. Picturesque small town road therapy is free. Maybe it will cost a few bucks in gas and lunch if you want. But a nice ride out to the country may be just the medicine you need.

Pick someplace, any place

You don’t necessarily need an exact destination if you are feeling adventurous. If you aren’t sure where to go then maybe open up google and look for scenic areas near you to explore. Make it your days adventure to take a ride, feel the breeze as you drive down the road. Soak up the sunshine and enjoy the charm of small-town America.

Drive through some country towns and take a look around. See the farms and homes, look at the animals, there is so much to soak up.

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St Elmo’s, a ghost town in Colorado

St Elmo’s, Colorado is one of the best-preserved ghost towns in America.

St Elmo's Ghost Town Colorado

St. Elmo’s was founded in 1880 when the biggest draw was gold and silver mining. The town bustled and grew over the span of 10 years. A community of miners nestled 10,000 feet up in the mountains and called this place home.

We had the opportunity to take a trip to Colorado in August of 2017. Actually, we delivered a load up there and took the weekend to rent a car and go exploring the Rocky Mountains and surrounding areas. A friend of ours lives in Colorado Springs and messaged us on facebook about places we may want to check out. St. Elmo’s was on his list along with Pikes Peak.


St. Elmo’s intrigued us, after all, who doesn’t want to check out a verifiable ghost town.

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6 things I learned about Life, 2017 a year in review

the road ahead,

New choices, new roads, new destinations 

Life on the road, 2017 a year in review. What a wonderful way to look back and see what you learned from the last year of your life. Let’s explore 2017 a year in review as a life marker. Each year I will write this article so I can see me and my life as it grows and changes.

6 things I learned about myself and life, 2017 a year in review.

1. People have told me that I am brave because I took a chance to change my life.

Maybe from their point of view, this choice seemed brave. I am not sure the choice I made to pack up my life and take on a minimalist lifestyle, due to the sheer lack of available space, was done out of bravery.

Curiosity and fear played a strong part in me making that decision to live a life on the road.

I had always dreamed of traveling and what better time than now to take on that adventure. After all, what was the worst that could happen?

Powered by my genuine curiosity for adventure, a personality trait my mother always envied, I packed up my life and took to the road. Mom always said, “you can just pick up and go”.  Um, yea, cause if I think about it too hard, I could literally talk myself out of anything.

The thought of growing old in the life I had been living, a very unhappy and stressful one, scared me more than the adventure of the unknown world ahead.  You only have one life. When and where do you claim an adventure for yourself?

I did not know what the future held or even if I would like it, but that has never stopped me before.  With divorce behind me, this was a chance for something completely new and it was time to take a different path than the ones I had known all my life.

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